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DesignMilk's caption under posting of my Angled Bookshelf:

"Did you know that David Ngo went to MIT for aeronautics and space engineering? Then he went to Stanford for a Masters in Aero engineering? AND he likes Spoon? Ok, my point is we are dealing with a genius here, people. Someone just give him a full-time design job! Or even a movie-making deal." (I don't know about genius, but i'd sure love either of those)

A Designer's Eye Caption

"Browsing around Wordpress today, we found this post about this fun reading pillow. The pillow is designed by artist/designer/engineer David Ngo. Be sure to check out his site; he’s created a lot of really interesting stuff."(I like how the article calls it, Swamp Thing)

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reading pillow
zipper light
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Freshome: "If you would like to play a little and create something creative you can start from David Ngo's idea. He used an illuminating object, some fabric, zippers and created the Zipper Light." ( Didn't know it was DIY.)
ideaonly article

The Zipper Light has been the most internationally popular of my designs. I have recently received a request from the Ukrainian Design Magazine, "Gallery" to feature my Zipper Light in their December issue. (scans of article will be posted as soon as I get a copy)

digital world
The Zipper Light will also be featured in a Chinese magazine called, "Digital World" which is owned by Chinese CE Media, the largest IT press organization in China. This issue is also due out in December.
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