design by david ngo

"We're always down for a homebrew ID video here at the office, given it provokes a chuckle and/or a snort. Stanford Design School student David Ngo's taken the time to craft this short film that answers the age-old question: What is design? Watch out for not-so-subtle Karim/Philippe pokes and other quips and quirks throughout."

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Comment from Stiven: "brilliant video... After 10 successful years in the field, I still have trouble describing what it is that I do. One thing is for sure, design requires a good attitude towards life and David surely has that."

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Unbeige: "It's called, What Is Design? And it's brilliant. A humorous introduction to the world of design. What it lacks in production quality, it more than makes up for in funny ideas. You'll love it. We did."
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Logic + Emotion: "Not everyone agrees on what design actually is--but we all know "moxie" when we see it.  That's what Stanford grad student David Ngo and his partners in crime have.  Moxie. I like shopping at Target,
but I like what David is doing here even more.  It's not easy putting thoughts like this into a video format.  The production quality isn't the best and David and friends aren't professional actors.  But that's part of the appeal--it's a genuine effort and they had fun. You'll probably learn a thing or two watching the video.  And that's not by accident--it's by design."