design by david ngo


Stanford University (2006-2008)
2nd year Masters in Joint Program in Design
COURSES - Creating Infectious Action, Fundamental Visual Language, Manufacturing and Design, Human Values and Innovation in Design, Advanced Visual Design, Design Sketching, Needfinding, Formgiving, Color, Design in Motion, Public Speaking

OTIS College of Art and Design (2005-2006)
COURSES - Introduction to Woodworking, Foundation in Visual Arts

Stanford University (2002-2004) Masters Degree in Aero/Astro Engineering GPA: 3.7/4.0
COURSES – Space Systems Lab (CricketSAT, CanSAT), Space Mechanics, Space Systems Engineering, Feedback Control Systems, Linear and Non-Linear Optimization, Rocket and Turbine Propulsion Systems, Analysis of Structures, Applied Aerodynamics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1998-2002)
Bachelor of Science in Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering GPA: 4.4 (5.0 scale)
COURSES- CDIO Course (ARGOS)– Team-based Engineering of Space-based Telescope, Human Factors Engineering, Automated Reasoning and Decision Making, Structural Mechanics, Principles of Automatic Control, Intro to Propulsion Systems, Thermal Energy, Probabilistic Systems and Analysis, Foundations in Planetary Science

Objective: Seeking Full-Time Employment in Product Design


Prototyping/Model-making, Product Sketching, Technical Drafting, Pro-E, Solidworks, Google SketchUp, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Motion, iMovie, InDesign, MS Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Matlab, Ada 95, ZEMAX Optics Analysis, Basic Electronics, Arduino

User-Experience Researcher / Needfinder ---- Google (User Happiness Dept) (Spring of '07-Present)
---Sought out expert searchers and conducted video interviews and observations
---Developed video reports of major insights into searching behavior of experts
---Synthesized needs and design principles to improve Google's Search Engine
---Developed a "Mission Statement" on how Google needs to change their perspective on Search to succeed in the future

Product Designer / Mechanical Engineer ---- D2M (Design to Manufacturing) (Summer of '07)
---Designed and built test fixtures for a medical device to ensure phase 3 acceptance
---Developed future concepts for safe personal istening devices
---Translated industrial design of 3-D projection glasses into a manufacturable layout
---Initialized and developed an internal creativity program to increase innovation within the organization

Systems Engineer ---- Northrop Grumman (2004-2006)
---Patented concept on small cluster-flying satellite formations
---Designed Lunar Base concepts for JPL/NASA’s Lunar Initiative
---Designed Future Mobile Laser Defense systems for Army and Navy

Passive Optics Engineer ---- MIT Space Systems Lab – ARGOS (Summer of ’01)
---Worked on a team-based engineering project to conceive, design, implement, and operate a space-based satellite telescope.
---Designed passive optical train for Golay-3 design satellite interferometer using ZEMAX

Project/Design Engineer ---- Honeywell/Allied Signal (Summer of ’00)
----Identified valves that were in need of product improvements and developed recommendations that would increase valve field performance

GRE Teacher ---- Kaplan (Fall/Winter of ’02 & ‘03)
---Instructed students in using proven strategies to excel on the GRE examinations

Social Worker ---- International Service Center --- (Summers of ‘97 & ‘98)
---Trained 10 young immigrants in computing, typing, and communication skills
---Found employment, health care, education, and specialized health care for local immigrants.