design by david ngo

Traditional Japanese sake carafes are made from ceramic and are akin to pottery items. Almost all of them are opaque, which presents a problem when sake is being served. Often, someone at the table will pour the last drop from the carafe, and later others will forget, attempting to obtain more from the empty carafe. This can be frustrating and makes prompt service from the restaurant or bar staff very difficult.

Thus, Toumei was created out of transparent material and includes an L.E.D. light built into the base which illuminates the level of sake left in the carafe. The light can also be used as a signal to the waiting staff that the patron needs more sake.

The light produces an interesting effect diffusing through the frosted polycarbonate body and refracting through the clear sake. In addition, a unique groove on the top assists in the delicate activity of pouring into small sake cups, creating a more gratifying experience both functionally and aesthetically.